UpDog Challenge in Mack, CO

UpDog Challenge in Mack, CO

We will be holding an UpDog Challenge event near Grand Junction, CO on July 18-19.  We will have 2 rounds of 4 games each day.  This will be in conjunction with an UpDog workshop.

There is plenty of on-site RV dry camping and a lake to cool the dogs off.  We will be outside so plan on bringing shelter.  We are planning on having lunch on site but be sure to bring plenty to drink for you and your dog.

If you are interested in the workshop and have not signed up yet, please contact us via email.  If you are participating in the workshop, you can run sanctioned runs for $10/run.  If you are not in the workshop, entry fees are $15/run.  You do not need to enter if you are in the workshop and just running for fun.


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