Seminars & Workshops

Seminars & Workshops

Looking for seminars and workshops to introduce people to the sport of barn hunt or develop teamwork / proof skills?

John Fisher is a master trainer and has competed and taught barn hunt and nosework classes and seminars across the United States and Canada!

John has been instrumental in the advanced training of Barn Hunt dogs competing at the national level, and dogs he trained have taken Gold and Silver medals at Barn Hunt Association National events.  His dog Ginger, a mixed breed, was the 2015 National Games Champion, and the 2016 Versatility and Grand Nationals, has her RATCHX8, and was the highest ranked mixed breed dog in North America in barn hunt while she was competing.

Lucy is the third highest ranked Australian Shepherd with an RATCHX14.  Scout (also an Aussie) was the youngest dog ever to attain his Master title at under 10 months old!  He is currently the number 2 Aussie working on his RATCHX17.  Cody (another Australian Shepherd) is currently working on his RATCHX12.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the Sport of Barn Hunt
  • Beginner Barn Hunt
  • Upper Level Skills & Drills
  • Increasing Speed, Drive, and Motivation
  • Stop Micro-Managing Your Dog (Helicopter Handling)
  • Practical Odor for Nosework, Barn Hunt and Other Scent Sports
  • Help!! with Tunnels
  • Why Dogs “Lie”
  • Private Lessons
  • and more!

John loves to travel and is available to teach seminars, workshops, and private lessons throughout the United States and Canada, as well as overseas. 

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