Rat Games Winter League

Rat Games Winter League

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Hosted by Dog Sports America

Dates: February 17, 2022 March 3, 2022, March 17, 2022

Location: Matrix Dog, 13720 Deere Court, Mead CO 80504

Courses and Games Offered:

February 17:
Courses: Beginner, Novice
Games: Tunnels, Mad Hatter

March 3:
Courses: Beginner, Novice
Games: Speed, Distance

March 17:
Courses: Beginner, Novice
Games: Heads or Tails, Bet the Farm

Trial Information

The trial grounds will open at 6PM on Thursday February 17, March 3, and March 17, with the judges briefing at 6:30PM, and the trials to follow the briefing.

League Information

Rat Games League is a nationwide Rat Games competition where participating clubs play the same games during a pre selected time window, using the same games maps, allowing competitors to earn points and be ranked against all league players in each game as well as overall. There are three date windows, with two games per time period (shown above under dates!) Courses will also be offered at our trials but those points aren’t a part of the league competition.


All games and courses are $17/run for pre-entry (up until 11:59pm MST on the Wednesday prior to the trial (Feb 9, 2022, Feb 23, 2022, March 9, 2022)). Online entry available at www.dogsportsamerica.com. Day of Show rates are $20/run, if space is available.


Our Judge will be John Fisher (RGJ-001). The club reserves the right to add/allocate judges to classes to improve the efficiency of the trial day.

Our Trial Secretary will be Lindy Phillips (RGS-004). She can be reached at lindy@dogsportsamerica.com.

Our Trial Chair(s) will be Lindy Phillips of Loveland, CO and Marisa Finan-Goode of Thornton, CO. Lindy can be reached at lindy@dogsportsamerica.com or (970) 567-0703, and Marisa can be reached at marisa@dogsportsamerica.com or (423) 779-6339.

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