Rat Games Halloween Trial

Rat Games Halloween Trial

October 29-31, 2021

Matrix Dog, 13720 Deere Court, Mead CO 80504

Costumes HIGHLY encouraged for handlers!

Courses and Games Offered:

  • See online entry below

Trial Information

The trial grounds will open at 5PM on Friday October 29th, with the judges briefing at 6PM, and the trial to follow the briefing. The trial grounds will open at 8AM on Saturday October 30th, with the judges briefing at 9AM, and the trial to follow the briefing. A potluck costume party to follow the trial (see below). The trial grounds will open at 8AM on Sunday October 31th, with the judges briefing at 9AM, and the trial to follow the briefing.

Halloween Costume Party

Following the conclusion of the trial on Saturday there will be a potluck costume party for competitors and spectators – bringing the Rat Games motto, “We are more fun”, to life. We will provide the main dish. Bring a side to share. BYOB!


All games and courses are $17/run for pre-entry (up until 11:59pm MST on October 22).  Day of Show rates are $20/run, if space is available.


Our judge will be John Fisher (RGJ-001). The club reserves the right to add/allocate judges to classes to improve the efficiency of the trial day. 

Our Trial Secretary will be determined. 

Our Trial Chair will be John Fisher from Reno, NV. He can be reached at john@dogsportsamerica.com or (775) 600-2912.

Ribbons and Awards

All qualifying runs receive a green qualifying run ribbon.

New titles will receive a title ribbon.


The blind will be 10’x20’ with ring gate dividers.  Blinds will be a maximum of 4 dogs.

Notice to Exhibitors

I. It is expressly understood that exhibitors alone are responsible for the behavior of their dogs, children and/or guests. Any exhibitor whose dogs, children, and/or guests repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior may, at the discretion of DSA, be asked to leave the trial site. In such case, no refund on any entry will be made.

II. Venue

a. The trial will be held indoors.

b. No x-pens are allowed at this facility. All crates must have a tarp/towel/blanket/etc underneath them in order to protect the matting. Crates must be fully closed if a dog is in them.

c. The building will be open for crating. Please space yourselves out!

III. Entries

a. Withdrawal of entry before the closing date will receive a refund less a 10% processing fee. No refunds will be made for withdrawal after the closing date. Entry fees will not be refunded in the event that a dog is absent, disqualified, excused, or barred from competition by action of the Hearing Committee.

b. All entries must be accompanied by entry fees to be valid. A returned check does not constitute a valid entry. There will be a $50 fee for all returned checks.

c. Exhibitors are responsible for complete, accurate, and legible information on their entry forms.

d. Every attempt will be made to hold this event as scheduled. In the event of an “Act of God” such as fire, flood, etc., an event may be canceled. We will make every attempt to contact entrants and inform them of the cancellation. We will return all or part of the entry fees at our discretion.

IV. Dogs

a. All dogs must be on leash and under control while on trial grounds except while showing. FLEXI LEASHES ARE NOT PERMITTED at the show site. Electric collars ARE NOT PERMITTED at the show site.

b. Bitches in season are able to compete in Rat Games. They will be run at the end of each class. Bitches in season must wear pants. If bringing a bitch in season, please inform the trial secretary prior to the trial, and inform all exhibitors at the judge’s briefing. A separate potty area will be provided. No refunds will be issued for a BIS.

c. Disruptive dogs will have to be crated separately.

V. People

a. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in appropriate containers – in front of the building the proper dumpster is labeled with Matrix Dog. Please make sure to tie off all poop bags. Please clean up after yourself.


Matrix Dog located at 13720 Deere Court, Mead CO 80504

IMPORTANT: From I-25 head East on Hwy 66. Turn South on Deere Court. Matrix is the center unit in the very LAST building on the left side.

Please do NOT park directly in front of the other units or block the garage bay doors. You will be asked to move. On Saturday/Sunday, holidays, and evenings after 5:30pm there will be additional spaces available as the other two businesses are closed.

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