FRSWC Fast CAT at Adams County Fairgrounds

FRSWC Fast CAT at Adams County Fairgrounds

FAST CAT PREMIUM SUMMARY (Please see the premium link above for complete details)

Front Range Scent Work Club

(Licensed by the American Kennel Club)

July 22, 2021 Event #2021738722

July 22, 2021 Event #2021738723

July 23, 2021 Event #2021738724

July 23, 2021 Event # 2021738725 

July 24, 2021 Event # 2021738726

July 24, 2021 Event # 2021738727

July 25, 2021 Event # 2021738728

July 25, 2021 Event # 2021738729 


Adams County Fairgrounds

Pavilion A

9755 Henderson ST, Henderson, CO


2 Trials Per Day, Run Concurrently

100 runs per trial


Early Entry: $25/run

Late and Day Of Entries (Subject to Availability): $30/run


Handlers will be assigned a 2 hour time block.  During that time block, all dogs will rotate through and, if you are running both trials of that day, will rotate a second time in the same 2 hour time block.

Day-of runs will be fit in as space allows throughout the day.  It may be a long wait.


The course will be fenced with 4’ rope net fencing.

To be held Outdoors on grass and fully fenced.

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