2020 Cairn Terrier Club of America FastCAT in Greeley

2020 Cairn Terrier Club of America FastCAT in Greeley


4 FastCAT trials


Cairn Terrier Club of America

Licensed by the American Kennel Club

This event has been cancelled.  All entries received will be shredded.

Since there is still a chance COVID cancels the event, all entries will be by mail until the show is confirmed a go.  All checks will be held until at least the show is 100% on.  When completing the paper entry, there may only be one run per form (2 runs a day for both days is 4 forms).

Due to Covid shutdowns, entries for Cairns have been extended to June 15.  Any non-Cairn entries will be held in order and entered after the preferred Cairn period has closed.


These trials are open to ALL BREEDS with a 2 week preference to Cairn Terriers.

All dogs must be individually registered with the AKC.  This includes all AKC registered purebreds, Foundation Stock Service (FSS), Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL), and AKC Canine Partners. Spayed or neutered dogs, or dogs with breed disqualifications may be entered. Not AKC registered? NO PROBLEM! You will be able to register your Canine Partner with AKC at the event, and your dog can participate in the tests that very same day.

Trial Secretary (TS): John Fisher, (650)444-7800 OR john@dogsportsamerica.com

Mailing Address for Entries: 13120 Raritan ST, Westminster, CO  80234

Event Location:  Island Grove Park, 501 N 14th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631

08/12/2020 T1 2020057603
08/12/2020 T2 2020057604
08/13/2020 T1 2020057605
08/13/2020 T2 2020057606

CAIRN TERRIER PREFERRED ENTRY $24 – OPENS ON MAY 1 at 12:01AM MST.  During the Cairn entry window, all-breeds may enter but entries will be held in order for the All-Breed Early Entry window.



LATE AND DAY OF ENTRIES $30 (subject to space availability)

page1image2250899680Permission has been granted by the American Kennel Club for the holding of this event under American Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.


(In response to unforeseen circumstances, committee members may be substituted as necessary)

Lainee Munhollon, FIELD CHAIRMAN



A light blue ribbon will be awarded to each dog that receives a qualification for the Fast CAT. New Title Rosettes for BCAT/DCAT/FCAT will be awarded.


BY MAIL: Complete an official AKC entry form (located at the end of this premium list) for each dog. ONE ENTRY FORM PER DOG. A dog may only enter once per event. Mail completed forms with fees payable to Dog Sports America to John Fisher, 13120 Raritan ST, Westminster, CO 80234. Incomplete entries will be deemed invalid.

ONLINE: Online entries will only be accepted from trial opening until the event is full.  All entries for the waitlist must be mailed. Online entries are NOT OPEN. Instructions will be here when trial opens.

DAY OF TEST ENTRIES: Day of Test Entries for each dog: $30, payable in cash by 8:00 AM at the TS table, if space is available.

WITHDRAWING ENTRIES: No entry fees will be refunded if the trial cannot open or be completed by reason of any cause beyond the control of the host club or organizer.  No entry fee will be refunded if a dog is absent, disqualified, excused, or banned from competition by the action of the trial committee.  Any entries pulled in writing (email/mail) prior to entry closing will be refunded minus any transaction fees.  Any entries pulled after closing will be refunded the entry fee less $10 per day plus transaction fees if someone is on the waitlist to take your spot.

FUN RUNS (time permitting): $10 per run.  Sign up at the trial secretary table on the day of the event.  Fun Runs will be run on a first come, first served basis subject to time availability.


ROLL CALL WILL START AT 8:30AM.  We will do our best to accommodate conflict dogs.  If you are not able to be at your run, please mark your dog as a conflict on the running order.  We will move you down.  Please do not wait until the last moment to run.  We cannot guarantee there will be time to run if you show up at the end of the day.  Runs must be separated by 45 minutes.



If your Canine Partner is not yet registered with AKC, simply fill out the Canine Partners Enrollment Application located at the end of this premium list and turn it in along with your entry form and fees (Payment is made directly to AKC. Fill out the credit charge authorization on the Canine Partners form or include a separate check for $19 payable to AKC).


Immediately following the Day Of Show close of entries, each dog will be inspected by the inspection committee for lameness, fitness to compete, and females in season. All dogs to be inspected must be presented WITHOUT TAPE, BANDAGES, or WRAPPING/COVERINGS of any kind. (Coats, blankets, etc.) If, in the opinion of the inspection committee, any entry is found to be lame, unfit to compete or in season, they shall not be allowed to test, and the applicable entry fees shall be refunded.


All entrants will assemble in a designated location in order for the Field Committee to confirm those entered in the test are present. Entrants should respond with “Here” when they hear their dogs’ names called. At this time, test procedures will be explained and any questions answered.


It is recommended that dogs be handled with a “slip-lead” that gives instantaneous freedom to the dog when the “Tallyho” (release) signal is called by the Huntmaster. The Host Club will have slip leads for you to borrow. Please ask.

Dogs may wear any collar except a choker collar, a collar with prongs or an electronic training collar. The collar should be snug to minimize the chances of getting hung up on something during the run. Owners should be aware that tags hanging from the collar could be required to be removed to help prevent them from being entangled on something during the run. Owners may use clips or rubber bands to hold the dog’s hair. The owner assumes responsibility for the safety of the dog regarding the dog’s collar and paraphernalia on the dog.


Fast CAT – Summary Description

The Fast CAT Test is a timed 100-yard dash for dogs. It is meant to be a fun and healthy activity of interest to any dog owner. The following is a summary of how the event is structured.
How Does Fast CAT Work?

1. Fast CAT is a timed straight race of 100 yards.
2. Dogs run singularly.
3. The dog’s time to complete the 100-yard dash is converted into MPHs.
4. A handicap system is applied to a dog’s MPH to determine the number of points earned. The handicap system is based on the height of the dog at its withers:

  • 18” or greater = handicap is 1.0
  • 12” up to less than 18” = handicap is 1.5 • Below 12” = handicap is 2.0

5. Points = MPH multiplied by the dog’s handicap
6. Fast CAT titles suffix titles are earned at designated milestones:

  • BCAT = 150 points
  • DCAT = 500 points
  • FCAT = 1,000 points
  • FCAT# = every additional 500 points

7. Top 20 by Breed by Year: The AKC Fast CAT website will feature the Top 20 Fastest Dogs by Breed by Year national standings. The standings will be updated as event results are processed.

Eligibility to Participate

8. Open to all dogs at least 12 months of age that are individually registered/listed with the AKC. This includes dogs recorded in the FSS program, dogs with PAL numbers or dogs enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners program. Females in season may not enter. A dog may enter only once per event. (An event number defines an event.)

9. An inspection committee shall inspect each entry for lameness, fitness to compete and females in season. If necessary, the inspection committee is responsible for measuring dogs to determine their height at the withers. The Course/Equipment

10. Safety: Safety is of utmost importance. It is the responsibility of the event committee to insure the safety of the course, the equipment and the conduct of those involved with the event. It is recommended that the event committee run a test dog prior to the start of the event to ensure that the equipment functions properly and all personnel understand their jobs. Prior to moving the lure to position it for the start, the lure operator shall announce, “hold your dogs” in order to caution owners.

11. The Start: Dogs may start up to 10 feet behind the starting line.
12. The Finish: The club must provide enough room for a safe run-out area. It is suggested this be a minimum of 30 yards, however this is up to the decision of the club given the specifics of the setting. The club should consider fencing the end of the course in order to help collect the dogs. It is recommended that an owner or someone familiar with the dog stand at the finish to catch the dog once the course has been completed.

13. Timing Devices: The time to complete the 100-yard dash is recorded to the nearest 1/100th of a second (e.g. 9.11). The club will use break- the-beam equipment to obtain the time. If the timers fail, stopwatches will be used, there shall be two timers positioned at the finish line. An individual at the start line shall signal with an arm drop the moment the nose of the dog crosses the start line. The timers shall start their stopwatches at the bottom of the arm drop. The timers shall stop their watches when the nose of the dog crosses the finish line. The times from the two stopwatches shall be averaged to determine the recorded time.

14. Lure Equipment: The event will be run with a reversible continuous loop system.  The lure operator and the lure equipment shall be safely positioned in a manner that does not interfere with the retrieval of the dog at the end of the course.

15. Lure: A white plastic bag will be used for the lure.
16. Course/Fencing: The course is essentially flat and the course area is fenced.
Huntmaster Has Control of the Course
17. The Huntmaster has control of the course. In summary, the Huntmaster is in charge of all dogs and handlers on the field, shall ensure handlers understand safe release and retrieval procedures, shall ensure the lure is properly positioned, shall ensure the lure operator, timers and starting line signal person are ready, shall signal the lure operator to start the lure and shall give the verbal signal “tallyho” to release the dog.
Hosting Fast CAT Events/Entering
18. All AKC clubs licensed for Lure Coursing or the Coursing Ability Test will be automatically licensed for Fast CAT. All other AKC member or licensed clubs may apply to the Performance Events Department (PerformanceEvents@akc.org) to become licensed to hold Fast CAT provided they have the experience, equipment, and location to hold a safe event. Clubs will be limited to twelve Fast CAT events per calendar year. A club may not hold more than two Fast CAT events on the same day. A test must start and conclude on the same day.
19. A Fast CAT event can be either a stand-alone event or may be held in conjunction with other AKC events. In all cases the Fast CAT must be applied for as a separate event with its own event number.
20. Entries: All participants must fill out an entry form as provided in the event’s premium list. A club may accept entries prior to the event and/or a club may accept day-of-event entries. The specifics of how entries will be accepted must be explained in the premium. A club may limit the number of entries it will accept in a Fast CAT event. Additional “stand-by” entries above the limit may be taken at the discretion of the event committee, and these dogs will be allowed to run if time permits. Owners of stand-by dogs must be informed that they are on the stand-by list and may choose not to participate.
Complete regulations governing Fast CAT can be found on AKC Fast Cat website and will appear in Chapter 16 of the Regulations for Lure Coursing.


Please ensure the comfort of you and your dogs by bringing your own portable shade/shelter and water.

Restrooms are located in the main exhibit hall and in reserved grooming.

Concessions will be onsite and open.  Box lunches will also be available for pre-order.

For the safety of the dog and as a courtesy to other entrants, a testing dog should have a reliable recall. A penalty of $10.00 may be assessed for any dog causing an excessive delay of the event because it cannot be recalled or retrieved from the field. Dogs that delay the event because their owners cannot recall them may be refused entry at future events.

The Huntmaster is responsible for field safety and therefore s/he is in complete charge of all dogs and handlers on the field. In service to this responsibility, s/he has the authority to stop the lure in any potentially dangerous situation and signal the handler to retrieve a testing dog. Listen to the Huntmaster and follow all instructions promptly and swiftly.

Any decisions made by the event’s officiating judge(s) regarding the performance of an entered dog shall be final. Full discretionary power is given to the judge(s) to withhold any and all qualifications for lack of merit. The Judge(s) is responsible for ensuring compliance with the AKC Regulations on the field.

Exhibitors should follow their veterinarian’s recommendation to assure their dogs are free of internal and external parasites, any communicable diseases and have appropriate vaccinations.

Coursing is an athletic activity that can tax a dog’s physical strength. Dogs that are overweight and/or out of condition may be at greater risk for injury and exhaustion. The Inspection Committee has the authority to disallow a dog’s entry into a test, and in such instances, applicable entry fees will be refunded.




No entry fees will be refunded if the event cannot be started or completed by reason of riots, civil disturbances, fire, extreme and/or dangerous weather conditions, an Act of God, public emergency, act of a public enemy, strikes or any other cause beyond the control of the Club or its members and representatives.

Persons exhibiting conduct detrimental to AKC/CTCA/any dogs(s) and/or other person(s) will be asked to leave the trial site.

The event-hosting club, its agents, members, representatives, volunteers, etc., assume no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained by exhibitors, handlers, or to any of their dogs or property and further assumes no responsibility for injury to children or spectators.

All rights to televise, videotape, advertise, photograph, promote or otherwise exploit this event are vested in the club, or in persons to whom assignments of such rights have been made in writing by the club. All persons and animals attending these shows grant the club the right to use their likeness and voice in any matter without further consent.

Entry fees submitted and accepted will be refunded in full if the withdrawal of said entries are requested by the dog’s owner or agent prior to the closing deadline for entries. Requests must be made in person to the DSA. No refunds for pre-entry fees unless the entered dog upon inspection is lame, unfit to compete, or in season.

Females in season are NOT allowed on the site.

Late, incomplete, unsigned, unpaid or conditional entries, or entries not containing the “Agreement” found on the Official AKC Entry Form will not be accepted.

Substitution of dogs will be accepted at the time of roll call/inspection. Once inspection is complete, no further substitution will be allowable.

A return check fee of $35.00 will be assessed for any check(s) returned for insufficient funds.





From I-25:

  1. Take exit 257 (US-34) and head East
  2. In 5.6 miles, turn right to Bus 34.
  3. In about 10 miles, turn left onto 11th ST
  4. In about 1.5 miles, turn left onto D ST
  5. Turn right just past the arena
  6. Head toward the rear of the park.
  7. Fast CAT will be on the right past the bunkhouse

From the North (I-76):

  1. Take exit 66B and head West.
  2. In 36 miles keep right on US-85 North
  3. In 2.6 miles, turn left on Fifth ST
  4. In 0.9 miles, turn left on 11th AV
  5. In about 1 mile, turn left onto D ST
  6. Turn right just past the arena
  7. Head toward the rear of the park.
  8. Fast CAT will be on the right past the bunkhouse

Show Veterinarian On-Call & After Hours

Additional Veterinarian After Hours


 DoubleTree Inn (CTCA host hotel), 919 Seventh Street, Greeley, CO, (970) 304-0000

Contact hotels to confirm dog policies and prices.

Please remember to pick up after your dogs at hotels!


RESERVATIONS REQUIRED!  Contact Greeley Kennel Club at ________.


AKC Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines are available on the American Kennel Club website: www.akc.org AGREEMENT

I certify that I am the actual owner of the dog, or that I am the duly authorized agent of the actual owner whose name I have entered above. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I (we) agree to abide by the rules and regulations of TheAmerican Kennel Club in effect at the time of this event, and any additional rules and regulations appearing in the premium list of this event and entry form and any decision made in accord with them. I (we) agree that the club holding this event has the right to refuse this entry for cause which the club shall deem suffi I (we) certify and represent that the dog entered is not a hazard to persons or other dogs. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and of the holding of this event and of the opportunity to have the dog judged and to win prizes, ribbons, or trophies, I (we) agree to hold theAKC, the event-giving club, their members, directors, governors, offi agents, superintendents or event secretary and the owner and/or lessor of the premises and any provider of services that are necessary to hold this event and any employees or volunteers of the aforementioned parties, and anyAKC approved judge, judging at this event, harmless from any claim for loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by the act of this dog while in or about the event premises or grounds or near any entrance thereto, and I (we) personally assume all responsibility and liability for any such claim; and I (we) further agree to hold the aforementioned parties harmless from any claim for loss, injury or damage to this dog.Additionally,

I (we) hereby assume the sole responsibility for and agree to indemnify, defend and save the aforementioned parties harmless from any and all loss and expense (including legal fees) by reason of the liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties for damage because of bodily injuries, including death at any time resulting therefrom, sustained by any person or persons, including myself (ourselves), or on account of damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of my (our) participation in this event, however such, injuries, death or property damage may be caused, and whether or not the same may have been caused or may be alleged to have been caused by the negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees, agents, or any other person. I (we) agree that the deter- minationofwhethertheinjuryisseriousshallbemadebytheeventveterinarianandisbindingonme(us). I (WE) AGREE THAT ANY CAUSE OF ACTION, CONTROVERSY OR CLAIM ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE ENTRY, EXHIBITION OR ATTENDANCE AT THE EVENT BETWEEN THE AKC AND THE EVENT-GIVING CLUB (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN THIS PREMIUM LIST) AND MYSELF (OURSELVES) OR AS TO THE CONSTRUCTION, INTERPRETATION AND EFFECT OF THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE SETTLED BY ARBITRATION PURSU- ANT TO THE APPLICABLE RULES OF THE AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION. HOWEVER, PRIOR TO ARBITRATION ALL APPLICABLE AKC BYLAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES MUST FIRST BE FOLLOWED AS SET FORTH IN THE AKC CHARTER AND BYLAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS, PUBLISHED POLICIES AND GUIDELINES.

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