Scent Work 101: Introduction To Scent Work

Scent Work 101: Introduction To Scent Work

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Looking to train your dog to search odor? This is where you start! Dogs are on odor very quickly with a big emphasis on developing a search pattern. The method taught is used to teach police and military dogs. If you are serious about competing, this is the path for you. This course also starts Handler Discrimination where your dog learns to look for you.

You will need:

  1. an odor kit
  2. around a dozen cardboard boxes
  3. Five plastic storage drawers
  4. 3-5 food bowls, silicone ones are best but expensive
  5. Viewtainer or small Tupperware container that won't easily pop open
  6. High value, non-crumbly treats
  7. Low value treats
  8. Treat pouch
  9. flat buckle or snap collar
  10. 6' leash
  11. And, optionally, a harness

We will go through recommendations in the course.

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